San Thome Basilica | chennai tourist places list

San Thome Basilica | chennai tourist places list

Each religion has a particular place of worship. For example-: the Hindus visit the temples; the Muslims visit the mosques and the Christians to the church. But usually the non-Hindus or non-Muslims, or even non-Christians will have a peculiar type of curiosity towards the holy place of the other religion, as they don’t visit them often. They are not quite acquainted to the atmosphere of that holy place.

Chennai interior of Santhome Church


Here we are going to speak about such a holy place. The Santhome Cathedral Basilica Church in Chennai is a sacred place, especially for the Catholic Christians. Santhome was a small settlement of the Portuguese who arrived in the Mylapore shores in the 16th century. Santhome has many Catholic institutions including 100 year old buildings, garden houses, convents and the pride of the place, Santhome Basilica.


santhome basilica


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