Jehangir Art Gallery | tourist places in Mumbai

Jehangir Art Gallery | tourist places in Mumbai

The Jehangir Art Gallery, was constructed by the donation given by Sir Cowasji Jehangir-2nd Bart to the trustee of Prince of Wales Museum. It is located in South Bombay (Mumbai) in the heart of the fort area or the historic core of the city. Over the years, this area has evolved as the center of art activity in the city, a phenomenon triggered off in the 1950s with the establishing of the Jehangir Art Gallery. As a rendezvous point for artists, patrons and art lovers, the Jehangir Art Gallery complex over the years is recognized nationally and internationally as a centre of contemporary Indian art.


jehangir art gallery


Art Appreciation courses, aimed at strengthening rapport between the artists and the public, have been designed mainly for laymen who enjoy art. The Gallery has organized several programs on art appreciation, art history and art criticism, with a small fee charged to participants.

Jehangir Art Gallery Amazing Maharashtra


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