Apple Hotel , Visakhapatnam | Best Hotels in Vizag

Apple Hotel , Visakhapatnam | Best Hotels in Vizag

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Apple Hotel

Opp.R.T.C Complex,Asilametta. Visakhapatnam -531003
Andhra Pradesh, India

About Apple Hotel

Welcome to Apple Hotel Visakhapatnam.A place with a difference, offering you a choices of delicious and Savouries which are smoothing and relaxed Ambiance served to you by a hospitality and friendly staff that how a guest is to be treated with love and warmth !!!!

Whatever time are visiting us breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner and whatever be your choice of food, At Apple Hotel, you can be sure of satiating your appetite. From the South Indian delicacies to North Indian & Chinese fare, the food here is truly beyond compare!!!

So sit back, touch trough this Menu card and order your favorites from a plethora of choice. While you will be immersed in our artfully created ambiance and invigorated by soft, piped music, your food will be served to you in the least time possible. Go ahead surprise yourself!!!

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