Shopping Malls in Vizag | visakhapatnam Shopping

Shopping Malls in Vizag | visakhapatnam Shopping


Vizag may not be a buyers’ and shopaholics’ paradise for lots of, but with the selection of superiority stuffs which it supplies, it can be measured as a remarkable location to shop. Vizag Market has the whole thing for Vizag Shopping items from clothes and jewellery to books and greatly added things. On top of these, handicrafts and sandalwood scriptures are also retailed at the Andhra Pradesh State retained handiwork hoard that is Lepakshi.

Main Areas for Shopping


It is Situated in Maddilapalem. Vizag’s Main and Big Shopping Mall situated in central of the City Near Andhra University Gate. CMR Central is owned by Chandana Group. We can have lotz of fun over their with our family. Shopping, Movies, Kids Zone, Food Everything.



Vizag Central is Situated after Jagadamba Centre, Where we can shop and Movies with all Branded Items.



Jagadamba Centre, Vizag is a site that any shopaholic must visit Vizag Shopping center while in Visakhapatnam for. It is termed later the famed Jagadamba Movie Theatre and draws numerous sightseers owing to lavishness of shopping middles and malls initiate here.


Dabagardens Vizag

Dabagardens Vizag is an exclusive market for Visakhapatnam Shopping that is identified for vending sporting merchandises. Dabagardens Vizag contains several sports workshops that retail all trappings mandatory by a sportsman comprising skates, cricket collections, All Types of Mobiles and Repair shops are in Dabagardans  and much more.


Beach Road

Beach Road Shopping in Vizag is for beach lovers, We can get all type of Sea related items. While eating Icecream we can shop full of home decor items, gift articles etc in beach road.


Kurupam market Visakhapatnam

Kurupam market Visakhapatnam is one of the best widespread Vizag shopping endpoints. It is well-known for its adornments finished of gold and silver. Kurupam market Vizag is to be found close to the old post-office confluence of the city. In case you are looking for some gold and silver ornaments at reasonable prices then a trip to Kurupam Market is must.


Lepakshi handicrafts Vizag

Lepakshi handicrafts Vizag Emporium is run by the Andhra Government and is identified for retailing handicrafts. These handicrafts are not only restricted to the state of Andhra Pradesh itself, but also from altered portions of the country.

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