Choosing the best :President Elections

Search for a presidential candidate by congress has sealed on Thursday evening itself.
Many names were flying around , luck was with the former Speaker Meira Kumar.A Dalit with A-grade politi cal pedigree, Meira was seen as an ideal cover for parties like BSP who were wavering at the prospect of having to back a non-Dalit against a Dalit in Ram Nath Kovind.
That Meira is from Bihar only added to the package in the wake of Nitish’s U-turn.
Yet, Nitish’s somersault managed to give bouts of anxiety to the opposition. SP and DMK were suspect while NCP was seen with a wary eye in the anti BJP axis. Seeking to plug further chinks, Congress managers worked the phones, aided by CPM chief Sitaram Yechury .DMK’s support was ensured be fore the meeting, evident in patriarch M Karunanidhi’s daughter Kanimozhi attending the final huddle. SP was firm in its support.


Kovind, the 71-year-old BJP veteran, who rose from a modest background to become the Governor of Bihar and is now, in all likelihood, set to occupy the country’s highest constitutional office

NDA nominee Ram Nath Ko vind’s victory is a foregone conclusion, with 63.1% of the electoral college votes already in the bag

As many as 48.9% of the votes are NDA ‘s own, and the support of several non-NDA regional parties has taken the figure beyond 63%.NDA presidential candidate

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