Actress found hanging in her Bedroom

Bengali Actress Bitasha Saha committed suicide in her apartment in Kolkata. The reports revealed that she used to stay alone in her flat. As of now, no complaint has been registered about this. The actress’ mother discovered her lying dead on Tuesday and immediately informed the police officers. Injury marks on both the hands of Bitasha Saha hint a sharp object (knife) was used to cut the wrists. Sniffer Dogs have been brought to the spot to find out if there a murder angle. No Suicide Note has been found so far. 


The senior police officer who has been travelling with this case revealed, “We found the flat locked from outside. On entering, we found her body hanging from the fan. There were cuts on her left wrist. It looks like a suicide but we are exploring all angles.” The actress started her career as a model and did small roles in serials and films.

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